Our ongoing and past projects bring together partners and specialists, creating an international community working towards connecting children, young people and adults to the natural world.

Protecting wildlife and conserving the natural world is at the heart of all our work. BirdLife Malta’s education projects work to protect native and also wider European wildlife for future generations. We believe in a collective responsibility for the environment and for the future of the earth. Today’s children and young people will be that future and education will be key in creating a future in which nature is respected and flourishes.

Creating partnerships is extremely important for our education strategy. Connecting with forward thinking educational organisations and BirdLife partners to create strong, wide reaching programs for the younger generations. Many of our projects work in collaboration with the European Union through Erasmus programs and are guided by EU environmental and educational standards.

  • Current Projects

    Our current projects aim to inspire interest in nature and conservation through outdoor learning resources and activities.

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  • Past Projects

    A look at our previous work on several projects, most of them including European partnerships to promote a love for nature and environmental activism.

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