Our ongoing and past projects bring together partners and specialists, creating an international community working towards connecting children, young people and adults to the natural world.

Protecting wildlife and conserving the natural world is at the heart of all our work. BirdLife Malta’s education projects work to protect native and also wider European wildlife for future generations. We believe in a collective responsibility for the environment and for the future of the earth. Today’s children and young people will be that future and education will be key in creating a future in which nature is respected and flourishes.

Creating partnerships is extremely important for our education strategy. Connecting with forward thinking educational organisations and BirdLife partners to create strong, wide reaching programs for the younger generations. Many of our projects work in collaboration with the European Union through Erasmus programs and are guided by EU environmental and educational standards.

  • Blooming Schools

    Blooming schools is an Erasmus+ funded project aiming to improve biodiversity and take action for nature with the help of young people and teachers in secondary schools.

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  • NAT-Helpers

    NAT-Helpers is an Erasmus+ project that promotes the importance of biodiversity in the primary sector.

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  • A Superpower to Defend Nature

    A Superpower to Defend Nature is our latest Erasmus+ project aiming to promote a world where children with development disorders are given a chance to become nature leaders and influencers of climate justice.

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  • It's Time.

    It’s Time. is an Erasmus+ project led by BirdLife Malta aiming at creating a platform for young people aged between 16 and 25 years old to become true agents of change and make a positive difference to the biodiversity and climate crisis.

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  • Teach, Inspire and Protect

    Teach, Inspire and Protect (TIP), is an Erasmus+ project led by BirdLife Malta aiming to teach and inspire educators to use contemporary teaching approaches to connect children with nature from their first years of kindergarten and school.

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  • One World Learning

    One World Learning (OWL), is an Erasmus+ funded project aimed at creating inquisitive, empowered, socially inclusive, and environmentally-responsible individuals and communities across Europe.

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  • Seeing the world through nature

    Seeing the world through nature is an international collaboration led by BirdLife Poland aiming to create environmental education resources to assist teachers of blind and visually-impaired pupils.

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  • Natural Nations

    Natural Nations is an international project led by Learning through Lansdcapes aiming to increase biodiversity in school grounds with a focus on plants, insects and birds. Schools survey what pollinators they already have in their school grounds and learn how to transform them into birds and pollinator-friendly habitats!

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  • Birds and Nature Open for Full Fruition, Empowering Everyone

    Birds and Nature Open for Full Fruition, Empowering Everyone (BANOFFEE) is a project led by the Deaf People Association Malta and partnered with organisations from Spain, Italy, France and Greece. The project aims to improve the training of professionals in nature tourism and ornithology by creating the necessary tools to enable the complete fruition of environment and facilitate access to nature and birds for the hearing-impaired through visual content.

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  • SEL for Schools

    "It's good for them, it's good for you – Social & Emotional Learning through bringing nature back to schools" is co-financed by the EU's Erasmus+ programme and involves the collaboration of several partners from Malta, Slovakia, Spain and the UK.

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  • Spring Alive

    Spring Alive is an international project organised by BirdLife International partnered with over 40 countries in Europe and Africa. It is designed to promote the public's interest in nature and its conservation through the arrival of spring. With an emphasis on five migratory birds, all citizens are encouraged to observe this wonderful phenomenon each year through different events and activities.

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  • Past Projects

    A look at our previous work on several projects, most of them including European partnerships to promote a love for nature and environmental activism.

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