Conservation is at the heart of BirdLife Malta’s work. Our ongoing activities, projects and research contribute to the protection of birds and their habitats across the Maltese Islands.

We undertake regular bird ringing to monitor species, tackle wildlife crime with countryside monitoring camps and field work, and lobby for better environmental protection policies.

Our conservation team strive to save as many injured birds as possible through dedicated rescue, rehabilitation and release work as well as sustain the long-term survival of species through research projects.

Want to know more?

Click the links below to find out more about what we do and for further information on our current projects.

  • Bird Ringing

    Learn why bird ringing is important and what it can tell us about a birds life.

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  • Rescue & Rehab

    Find out more about our working rescuing, rehabilitation and releasing injured birds.

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  • Wildlife Crime

    BirdLife Malta is committed to tackling wildlife crime and promoting effective enforcement of wildlife protection laws.

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  • Policy

    We strive to ensure our environment and the species that inhabit it receive the best possible protection for long term sustainability.

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  • Current Projects

    Discover more about our current conservation projects across the Maltese Islands.

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  • Past Projects

    Read about our past bird conservation projects we have carried out in Malta.

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