Rescue & Rehab

Rescue Rehabilitation Flamingo BirdLife MaltaEach year BirdLife Malta successfully rescues, rehabilitates and releases hundreds of injured wild birds, including swifts, raptors, flamingos, and seabirds.

We work to ensure that birds which require our care – whether it is due to exhaustion from migration, have become covered in crude oil, have fallen victim to hunting or are otherwise injured – can safely return back to the wild where they belong.

Staff and volunteers work round-the-clock to provide an on-call rescue service across Malta and Gozo. Rescued birds are taken to a vet to receive necessary care, advice and a rehabilitation plan to be carried out at our dedicated facilities.

Birds undergoing rehabilitation with BirdLife Malta are closely monitored and receive regular veterinary examinations until they are strong enough to eat on their own and fit to fly. Birds are also ringed before release so we can hopefully learn more about their journey in the future. It is only with the ongoing support of our members and the general public who report injured birds that this work is possible.

As well as providing ongoing care, we also work to address root causes and lobby for better protection of birds and their habitats. Read more about that work here.