Blooming Minds is an ecotherapy programme in Malta designed by BirdLife Malta and the Richmond Foundation to help people living with mental health problems.

By working collaboratively, we have used our respective areas of expertise to develop an engaging and inclusive programme of outdoor sessions that will work to improve people’s mental health as well as foster an appreciation for the environment and the benefits of spending time in nature.

Outdoor sessions are happening regularly with the assistance of specialist support workers overseen by project coordinators. The sessions cover a variety of activity levels and are designed according to the season to ensure maximum engagement, participation and effectiveness.

We created a Facebook page where we will share information about mental health in Malta that will be useful not only for people that struggle with mental health problems, but also for people who support them, and for everyone who wants to be aware of this issue. We invite everyone to join our group. We believe that informed people are less vulnerable because they can recognise the problem at the very beginning and they learn about the ways to deal with it.

On the 10th of October 2019, World Mental Health Day, we launched a crowdfunding campaign. Our aim is to raise €5,000 that will allow us to continue ecotherapy after initial funding ends. With your help, this life-changing project can make a difference.

Project videos


June 2018
The concept of an ecotherapy project in Malta was created

August 2018
BirdLife Malta and Richmond Foundation started their cooperation and created Blooming Minds

November 2018
BirdLife Malta and Richmond Foundation win the third prize in the Social Impact Awards (SIA) and received the initial financial support

December 2018-May 2019
Research, preparation of sessions, trainings between BirdLife Malta and Richmond Foundation

June 2019
Launch of the Facebook group that will serve as a platform for people who want to get information about mental health and ways to cope with problems in this area

10th June 2019
First ecotherapy session

June-August 2019
Work on improvement of the program based on the results of the pilot ecotherapy session.

September 2019 – June 2020
Ecotherapy sessions for clients of Richmond Foundation that living with mental health problems.

10th October – 10th November
Crowdfunding campaign. Our aim is to raise €5,000 that will allow us to continue ecotherapy after initial funding ends. You can support us here.


Help the project

You can help the project in many different ways:

Sponsor. We are happy to be partners with any corporate citizen. Our Fundraising Officer Jessica Irwin ( will tell you more about our sponsorship options and possible benefits for your company.

Become a partner in fundraising events. During the project, we plan to organise different outdoor activities and workshops. The aim of these events is to raise awareness of mental health in Malta and fundraise for project support. If you are skilled in any activities that can be useful for mental wellbeing and ready to share your expertise with others, contact us on We would be happy to discuss our partnership opportunities.

Become a media partner. 50% of the people in Malta struggle to find information on mental health. If you agree that mental wellbeing depends on the level of awareness, help us to solve this problem. If you are a journalist, or a blogger, or have a way howto explain to the public about our project, please contact us for comments and detailed information on