Dinja Waħda is BirdLife Malta’s flagship environmental education programme in schools since 1994, run in collaboration with the Education Directorate. Spanning across formal education from Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools, Dinja Waħda connects classroom learning with outdoor education through nature. Activities are cross-curricular and designed in such a way that both students and teachers enjoy and learn from them.


Dinja Waħda’s mission is to connect children with nature and trigger behavioural changes that will lead to future adults who will treat our planet better than we do today through engaging environmental education activities.

Sponsors and partners

Bank of Valletta (BOV) is the sponsor of our Dinja Waħda programme, thus supporting us to deliver a toolkit that gives teachers and students the opportunity to actively learn, connect and protect the environment. BOV is committed to considering environmental impacts as part of its decision-making process whilst also involving its staff in activities showing them how to be environmental-friendly both at work and at home.

The Ministry for Education and Employment is our educational partner, promoting and encouraging schools to participate in the Dinja Waħda programme as part of their curriculum targets.

What we offer

BirdLife Malta is offering a whole educational package to school communities including:

  • Innovative and cross-curricular activities and resources
  • Guided field visits to Nature Reserves
  • Teacher training