Past Projects

We have worked on several projects to promote a love for nature and environmental activism.

BirdLife Malta’s past projects have been created in collaboration with partners across Europe. We have a strong track record of providing high quality environmental education and outdoor education resources, with the prevailing theme being a focus on fostering a love of nature and increasing conservation awareness.

  • Action for Nature

    BirdLife Malta's international youth exchange programme.

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  • Lifelong Learning through Nature

    Lifelong Learning through Nature is a collaborative partnership with BirdLife Malta and other organisations across Europe.

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  • Spot A Sparrow

    Spot A Sparrow is a citizen science project involving the public in researching one our most common urban birds, to identify main roosting trees across the islands.

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  • APUS - the Swift Project

    The APUS project (Appreciating, Protecting and Understanding Swifts) is a community project coordinated by young people, which monitors and encourages the breeding of swifts in Malta.

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  • PINE

    PINE is an innovative environmental education programme for youths working to enhance personal development, social inclusion and an appreciation for the environment.

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