It’s Time.

It’s Time. aims to create the BirdLife International Youth Leaders Council. Youth leaders will be trained and equipped with skills and knowledge to initiate and lead a series of meaningful actions to protect nature worldwide.

Climate change and loss of biodiversity concern everyone!  We must act together now, therefore we are working in this Erasmus+ funded project with BirdLife InternationalStation Europe, the Romanian Ornithological Society (BirdLife Romania, SOR) and the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds (BirdLife Poland, OTOP) to bring together young leaders across the world who are motivated and ready to act for nature.

Sir David Attenborough recently stated that: “Saving the planet is now a communications challenge”. He is referencing the fact that conservationists often know what the problems are, and how to solve them. What is missing in the sector are clearer messages, which encourage more support and action. 

We want to create an international community of young people for whom nature is a value and are equipped with skills to protect it. Planned activities include training programmes for youth leaders in order to build their skills and ability to introduce changes for nature protection.

Here you can find a draft of the Regulations of the BirdLife International Youth Leaders Council, the final version of which will be created and adopted by the Council itself.

The first step

In September 2022, we took the first step towards the creation of the BirdLife International Youth Leaders Council and, during the BirdLife100 World Congress, 42 young leaders and education staff from 19 countries paved the way for what will be a collaborative and powerful international youth network to advocate for the protection of birds, their habitat, and biodiversity.

BirdLife Malta provided a young leader with the great opportunity to attend the Congress and training which was held in Cambridge between 11-16 September 2022 and, thanks to the Erasmus+ funding, we covered:

  • Travelling to/from Cambridge
  • Day trip to London to attend a one-day conference
  • All meals included
  • Accommodation in a youth hostel in shared rooms
  • Congress registration fee

The week was packed with team-building sessions and training sessions about the status of the environment, challenges, and solutions for the year to come. The communication and video editing workshops delivered by Station Europe led to the creation of an outstanding communication campaign composed by six short, but inspiring, videos created by our enthusiastic young leaders.

What’s next for you?

We are planning several workshops and events for young people like you, so keep an eye on our events page!

We are looking for motivated young people that will work with the rest of the Council. It’s time for the voice of youth to be heard! Following the Congress and the example of good practices we have seen, BirdLife Malta is aiming to strengthen its youth group to take action in Malta.

If you love nature, are 18-25 years old, and would like to join our youth group, send us an email on [email protected].