BirdLife Malta nature reserves

BirdLife Malta manages four nature reserves: Għadira, Simar, Salina and Foresta 2000. Apart from being protected havens for nature, our nature reserves are also tools of experiential learning opportunity for all ages. Malta is by far the most built-up country in the EU. Over 33% of our country is built up, the runner-up being Belgium with only 13%. Adding the fact that we are also densely populated and that nearly two million tourists visit our islands every year one can understand the pressures on biodiversity by human activities. This makes our nature reserves all the more important. In these areas biodiversity is given priority, and BirdLife Malta’s nature reserves have proved how nature flourishes when given a chance.

BirdLife Malta is proud of the work we do in and through the land we manage. We will strive to increase these places for nature while ensuring they are accessible for everyone to enjoy. Our reserves are open to the general public and entrance to all our sites is free, but donations are welcome.

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