#onthemove campaign launched by BirdLife Malta

August 20, 2020 11:06 am

BirdLife Malta has launched a new campaign which will share insights about bird migration to encourage more people to enjoy, care and play a role in protecting Malta’s migratory birds.

Bird migration is a phenomenon that has been a source of inspiration and curiosity for thousands of years. Being an island between two continents, Malta is a crucial resting place for birds that enables them to build the resources to continue their journey across long distances.

To make the most of this natural spectacle, BirdLife Malta has launched the #onthemove campaign where fascinating facts about migration will be shared, and some of our special autumn migratory visitors that one can observe will be introduced. The #onthemove campaign will be using social media platforms amongst other communication channels, in a bid to share information about how everyone can enjoy bird migration in Malta.

We are also encouraging people to share their bird sightings through an online form purposely created for this campaign which can be accessed at https://bit.ly/reportasighting. Another main element of the campaign is to provide the opportunity to locals who want to volunteer by helping BirdLife Malta watch over migratory birds to ensure they pass over the Maltese Islands safely on the way to their wintering grounds.

The #onthemove campaign aims to inspire people to enjoy, care and protect birds during the autumn migration

BirdLife Malta CEO Mark Sultana stated: “We are seeking to encourage people to enjoy migration as it happens. This campaign will not only be raising awareness through information but also engaging with the general public to experience the beauty of migration. One does not need to be a bird expert to do this. BirdLife Malta has always placed people engagement at the forefront of its mission, mainly because people who enjoy and care about nature will eventually strive to protect it.”

A crucial part of this campaign will be calling people for action. We encourage people to tell us what they have observed, be it a magnificent flock of birds of prey or sadly finding a shot bird that needs help. “Half the work we do at BirdLife Malta would not be possible without the help and collaboration of the general public that inform us on what they are seeing out there. Most of the birds that we rescue, rehabilitate and release are always found by members of the public. Birds need the public to protect them and we can guide people on how to do this,” explained further Sarah Brady, BirdLife Malta’s Head of Education and Engagement.

During recent years we have seen an increase in illegal hunting in Malta and Gozo, with this year so far already being the worst year in the past eight years. “This might be disheartening but it also means that people need to step up and help these birds. In my years working with injured birds I am also witnessing an increase in awareness and care from the general public. I am confident that together we can make a difference to the migrating birds flying over Malta,” BirdLife Malta Head of Conservation Nicholas Barbara concluded.

Everyone is encouraged to follow the #onthemove campaign on BirdLife Malta’s website and social media platforms to make the most of the amazing natural spectacle of migration and ensure that Malta is a safe haven for all birds that need our protection on their perilous journeys. 

Read the Maltese version of the press release here.