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  • World Youth Skills Day 2018

    In both the developed and developing world, the rising youth unemployment rate is a significant problem. It is thought that this increase is due to a mix of the labour market being increasingly competitive and the fact that the skills that workers have to offer do not match the skills demanded by the employers. In…
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  • Introducing: PINE!

    Have you ever walked out in the countryside and felt at peace with yourself and enjoyed the nature around you? This feeling describes you connecting with nature. This feeling, if repeated often enough and for a long enough time, can have the power to positively influence your behaviour towards the environment and improve your mental,…
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  • Enforcement directorate within ERA welcomed

    BirdLife Malta insists that bird protection enforcement should also fall under ERA BirdLife Malta welcomes the appointment of a Director within the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) to lead its newly created enforcement branch. The appointment of this new post is positive news which brings hope of improvement in an area which Malta has always…
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  • Banking on the future of Malta’s wildlife

    During the scholastic year that has just drawn to a close, nearly 6,000 children and young people experienced nature education through Dinja Waħda. This is BirdLife Malta’s educational programme for primary schools, and Bank of Valletta is the educational partner of this programme. Bank of Valletta helps 6,000 children experience nature during the scholastic year…
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