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  • World Oceans Day 2018

    The 8th of June is an important date for any marine-minded person. People around the world will be taking part in events to celebrate our oceans as a part of World Oceans Day. Those seemingly endless expanses of blue may seem far removed from our daily lives on land, but life as we know it…
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  • A tall story

    The injured bird phone rings. The voice on the other side of the phone says we should go to Mellieħa immediately because a flamingo is injured. This is certainly not a usual call so we jump in the car and head straight to the White Tower Bay in the north of the island. When we…
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  • Look around your nearest seafront to rescue Yelkouan Shearwater fledglings

    At this time of year, the young Yelkouan Shearwaters leave the nests at night to train their wings in the cliffs where they breed. After several nights they will then fledge from their remote cliff-side locations for the first time, using the light of the horizon to guide them. However, bright coastal lights can leave…
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  • High time for concrete actions to safeguard natural environment

    BirdLife Malta’s message on World Environment Day 2018 On World Environment Day BirdLife Malta notes that in a recent local survey, it was clear that the general public was showing concerns on environmental issues in particular development and construction. This continues with the reality that the people of Malta are more environmentally conscious nowadays and…
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