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  • Salina produces salt again!

    As its name implies, Salina Nature Reserve is inextricably linked to salt production, and this has been so for many centuries. Pictorial records exist in the paintings depicting scenes of the Great Siege of 1565 where salt pans are shown where the present salt pans of the reserve are situated today. However, they are clearly very different….
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  • An amazing spectacle of nature!

    BirdLife Malta’s EU-funded LIFE PanPuffinus! project aims to protect two endemic and threatened Mediterranean seabirds: the Yelkouan and the Balearic Shearwater, through a unique transboundary collaboration for joint large-scale conservation efforts. In partnership with France, Greece, Portugal and Spain, this venture will attempt to protect these bird species as they face menacing perils; predation by…
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  • Highly protected Egyptian Vulture’s migration cut short over Malta

    An Egyptian Vulture from an Italian conservation reintroduction programme in Italy, which landed in the Maltese Islands yesterday to rest, has had its track cut short at Dingli in the past hours. The vulture, an endangered species, was sighted yesterday morning over Buskett. Named “Isabel”, the juvenile Egyptian Vulture (Avultun Abjad in Maltese) was being…
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  • BirdLife Malta calls on Government to protect birds during migration

    As the summer months come to an end, and with colder temperatures starting to be felt in northern Europe, birds are once again preparing for their impressive migratory journeys to Africa. Most of the migrating birds would be on their first ever migration after hatching last spring. The first flocks of herons, Bee-eaters and birds…
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