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  • On guard during spring migration

    When people hear that I am working and living in Malta, they imagine me sunbathing on an idyllic island surrounded by the azure waters of Mediterranean Sea. It is like that indeed, however, some troubles can happen even in paradise. For example, if the hunting season is open during the peak migration of a bird…
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  • Boats and birds…the way forward!

    At the current time Malta’s shorelines are experiencing lower levels of maritime activity due to the halt in tourism and Bottlenose Dolphins have been seen close to Valletta in recent weeks, however it may not be immediately obvious that this reduced activity may also have potential benefits for Malta’s seabirds. BirdLife Malta’s seabird team have…
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  • Domestic ducks close to Salina Nature Reserve are very sick and dying

    Following various comments on social media platforms in relation to a number of dead farmed ducks close to Salina Nature Reserve, BirdLife Malta wants to clarify that is has notified the competent authorities about the situation but so far no action has been taken. BirdLife Malta staff at the reserve have noticed and witnessed several…
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  • Cutting-edge research on Turtle-doves continues

    Continued research under the supervision of Justus Liebig University of Giessen in Germany has permitted the satellite-tagging of three Turtle-doves by BirdLife Malta this spring. The effort replicates and adds on the journeys of Francesco, an Italian Turtle-dove originally satellite-tagged in April 2017 from Comino’s bird sanctuary who continues transmitting to date. Research has been…
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