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  • Let’s celebrate World Environment Day by improving air quality

    Irrespective if they are cruise or container ships, ferries, or yachts – ships gather a broad range of fumes that emit a great deal of air pollutants causing damage to our climate, environment and health. The reason is mainly that seagoing vessels run on heavy fuel oil, which is highly charged in sulphur, as well as emit black carbon, heavy metals, fine particulates…
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  • Findings on Malta’s breeding seabirds by two successive BirdLife Malta projects published in international journals

    In the last weeks exciting research carried out by BirdLife Malta under two successive seabird projects: the LIFE+ Malta Seabird Project (2011-2016) and the LIFE Arċipelagu Garnija project (2015-2020), was published in international scientific journals.   The two studies reveal for the first time movements at sea during crucial periods in the life cycle of two seabird species nesting in Malta’s cliffs and islets: the…
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  • Young seabirds need your help!

    Yelkouan Shearwater is a threatened seabird species endemic to the Mediterranean.  Their chicks leave their nests for the open sea, under the cover of darkness, from mid-June and throughout July. However, this journey can be dangerous. Light pollution from our towns and villages causes many of these young birds to become stranded on land. BirdLife…
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  • Screwed up: Hunting enforcement below standard, as no one is held accountable for last year’s killing of White Storks

    A hunter from Dingli was today acquitted from the charges involving the killing of White Storks in last year’s massacre despite footage presented as evidence in court showing both the highly-protected birds being shot down and also a person holding a carcass. The court presided by Magistrate Astrid May Grima, however, freed the hunter on…
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