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  • A last stop before going home, shearwaters raft together! 

    In this blog, we will continue to discover a little more what a shearwater is capable of. In my first blog post about the different aspects of a shearwater’s life, we learnt about their incredible capabilities at sea by tracking them during the breeding season. In the second blog, we travelled with them flying over…
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  • Navigating in the open ocean like a shearwater!

    In our previous seabird blog A journey with the Yelkouan Shearwater, we learnt about the incredible journey a Yelkouan Shearwater takes, time after time, with countless effort during the breeding season to succeed to raise its one and only chick. This time, we will try to discover a little more about their awesome capabilities.   Shearwaters…
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  • From 2025 all ships transiting through Malta shall switch to cleaner fuels

    The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) on Friday formally adopted a proposal for the designation of the Mediterranean Sea as a Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA). The adoption of this pollution prevention measure means that all ships transiting through the Mediterranean Sea shall be required to use cleaner fuels of a lower Sulphur content to reduce…
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  • 78 schools awarded for connecting children with nature

    A total of 78 schools across Malta and Gozo celebrated their outstanding achievements in connecting children with nature through BirdLife Malta’s Dinja Waħda environmental education programme which is spread across all year groups from Kinder to Secondary students. The Dinja Waħda 2022 Awards Ceremony, celebrating the success of the 2021/2022 scholastic year, took place earlier…
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