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  • Exploring nature is becoming more fun at BirdLife Malta’s reserves!

    From December and on, visit Salina, Simar and Għadira Nature Reserves and enjoy new activities and games we’re proposing to our visitors. While we believe that connecting with nature and spending time outdoors has many benefits, we wanted to incorporate some activities that will boost your observation skills and creativity. You can choose the activity according to your interests and things you want to know and have a joyful walk, exploring nature in…
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  • Nature through a photographer’s lens

    Aron Tanti, a nature photographer with more than 20 years of experience and a collection of unique bird photos, shares his insights of how to capture the movement of nature and also discusses his latest book about bird photography which has just been published by BirdLife Malta. For millennia, humans have been fascinated by birds,…
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  • BirdLife Malta to continue studying seabirds on land and at sea

    After decades of uninterrupted scientific studies about Malta’s seabirds, BirdLife Malta is proud to announce that it will continue studying seabirds on land and at sea following the start of a new project it has embarked on. This will be a Mediterranean-wide collaboration for the conservation of two endemic and threatened Mediterranean seabird species: the…
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  • The Green Deal and being more European is the best thing that can happen to Malta

    The latest Infringement Proceedings initiated by the European Commission against the Maltese Government on spring hunting and trapping are the result of Prime Minister Robert Abela being given erroneous advice from Minister Clint Camilleri. Malta in 2020 should be aligning itself to the European Green Deal and not taking measures to destroy more biodiversity. Malta…
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