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  • Help us protect migratory birds this spring…volunteer to join our Spring Watch!

    It is just before dawn when a female Kestrel wakes and opens her wings, preparing for flight. She is ready to leave her roost and, with a strong beat of her wings, she is up in the air, gaining height. The sun is just starting to rise as she reaches her desired elevation and the cold air whistles past her as she glides on, effortlessly.   Yesterday, she undertook a…
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  • How to eat fish sustainably and support conservation objectives

    Enjoy eating fish and also love marine wildlife? You’re not alone. Did you know about some of the problems faced by seabirds as a result of the fishing industry? Want to learn more about our work and how you can eat fish sustainably? Read on.  The Mediterranean has long been a source of seafood for…
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  • BirdLife Malta celebrates its 60th anniversary!

    BirdLife Malta turns 60 today! Malta’s oldest environmental NGO is celebrating 60 years of work, successes and achievements. It was on the 25th of January 1962 that BirdLife Malta – at the time known as the Malta Ornithological Society (MOS) – was set up. It was on the 25th of January 1962 when BirdLife Malta…
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  • Malta should support a cleaner Mediterranean Sea through an Emission Control Area

    A proposal to declare the Mediterranean Sea an area where ships are obliged to switch to a cleaner fuel has so far gained the support of various Mediterranean states, with Malta still not declaring its position on this motion. Environment Ministry officials attending the COP22 – the meeting of the Contracting Parties of the Barcelona…
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