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  • An evening with the Scopoli’s!

    Seabirds, such as Yelkouan Shearwater, Scopoli’s Shearwater and European Storm-petrel, are birds that spend most of their life at sea and only come to land to breed. They lay a single egg each year and their chick must survive a whole range of threats before leaving its nest. How amazing is that? Lucky you, we…
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  • Rangers: who are they?

    The vital importance of trees for all who breathe O2 is well known all over the world. Besides oxygen, we are indebted to the trees in many different ways. A tree provides shade in summer, provides fruit and a home for birds, animals and insects, and also provides a space to connect with nature and…
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  • Protected flamingos illegally shot down during closed season

    A flock of Greater Flamingos that have been circling around the coast of Malta has been slowly depleted during yesterday. While some juveniles were exhausted and landed close to the people, others were shot at, with one witnessed being brought down in the area known as Munxar, limits of Marsaskala. Another badly injured one was…
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  • More secrets revealed about Filfla Storm-petrels

    – First time movements of Malta-ringed Storm-petrel to the Aegean Sea recorded by BirdLife Greece. Storm-petrel ringed in 2008 by BirdLife Malta on Filfla recovered in a colony on a Greek islet, meaning that the bird is over 11 years old– In the same week, BirdLife Malta ringers on Filfla recapture a bird first ringed…
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