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  • New report: EU countries failing to protect seabirds

    EU countries host 67 species of seabirds, including endemic and threatened ones, that visit our shores to breed and/or winter. The encroachment of human activity within the habitats seabirds use at land and at sea poses a great danger, with some species being threatened. Being the primary food source of seabirds, it is critical that…
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  • Spring Watch, the calm after a storm… 

    Relative peace has returned in the countryside now the spring hunting season is finished. The season, which opened for the vulnerable Turtle-dove for the first time since 2016, was open from 10th to 30th April 2022 up until midday. Only two species were legal to hunt; the Common Quail for the entire duration of the…
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  • Yelkouan Shearwater fledglings need your help!

    At this time of the year, the chicks of one of Malta’s breeding seabirds – the Yelkouan Shearwater – are leaving their nests to head out for the open sea, under the cover of darkness. However, this first journey for these birds can be dangerous. Light pollution from our towns and villages causes many young…
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  • BirdLife Malta deplores physical attack by FKNK CEO Lino Farrugia

    ORNIS Chairman forced to suspend Committee meeting BirdLife Malta is shocked at the aggressive attitude and physical attack by the Federation for Hunting and Conservation’s CEO Lino Farrugia following an argument with top government official and head of the Wild Birds Regulation Unit (WBRU) Richard Lia earlier today during an ORNIS Committee meeting. This led…
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