Bird migration at Science in the City

August 19, 2019 9:49 am

Date:            Friday, 27 September 2019
Time:           18:00-23:00
Location:    Castille & De Valette Square, Valletta

Did you know that one single bird could fly over 10,000km every year? For sure birds are the most passionate travellers on Earth! Every year millions of birds migrate from Europe to Africa and back in search of nice weather and food. It happens very often that they make a stop on our lovely island to have a rest. That is the place where science begins, at least for us!  

BirdLife Malta’s ornithologists and birders have been studying bird migration with the help of bird ringing and satellite tagging for many years. This is the way to learn about birds, but more importantly, it gives us information on how to conserve and protect these vulnerable creatures.  

In September we’re taking part again in Science in the City and during this year’s edition we will show you our scientific tools and let you know some insights we learned from our studies on the journeys birds make every year…quite fitting since we’ll be in September, when autumn bird migration would be at its peak! We will also share with you the story of Francesco the Turtle Dove who earlier this year championed another spring, travelling no less than 4,500km to make it back safely to his breeding grounds in the south of Italy. We’ve been following him thanks to the small satellite tracker he has on his back. Also, your children will have an opportunity to learn about bird migration through games!

This year Science in the City will be celebrating its 8th birthday with the theme “The Science of You”, aimed to show how every scientific field is geared towards the advancement of the individual. The festival is part of European Researchers’ Night.

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