Malta Bird Report

The annual Malta Bird Report published by the Malta Rarities and Records Committee (MRRC) is intended to provide information to those interested in birds about what species are recorded in Malta, during which seasons and in what numbers. It is intended to be useful and interesting for both local and foreign birders.

The cornerstone of the Malta Bird Report is the systematic list of all the species recorded during the year. For each species, a brief overview of observations is given, as well as an indication of the phenology of each species where possible. Reports are illustrated with photos of interesting species or sightings taken locally during the year.

The report’s editorial board is led by Stefano Miceli (editor) and includes Edward Bonavia, Victor Falzon, Nicholas Galea and Raymond Galea as members. The first issue was published in 2021 and the report is available below where you can find all past issues (except for the most recent one) available for download in PDF format. If you wish to purchase a printed copy, the report is available on our online shop in the books section here.

Malta Bird Report 2022
Malta Bird Report 2021