Green Talk



Supplementary Activities explanation sheet


Below are the features for the activity, we have 7 mp3 files on various topics.

  1. L-Ghasafar tax-Xitwa (Wintering birds)

2. Il-Hajja fl-ilma -helu (Life in freshwater)

          ‘Life in freshwater’ supplementary activity sheets – Chadwick Lakes ID sheet

3. Il-Bufula Sewda (Sardinian Warbler)

4. In-natura fis-sajf (Nature in summer)

5. Il-Bur Salmastru (Salini Marshland) with English subtitles

Il-Bur Salmastru (Salini Marshland)

6. In-natura fil-Harifa (Nature in Autumn) with English subtitles

In-natura fil-Harifa (Nature in Autumn)

7. In-Natura madwarna (Nature around us)

‘In-Natura Madwarna’ supplementary activity – Spotter Sheet