Current Projects

Our current projects aim to inspire a love for nature and conservation through outdoor learning resources and activities.

We believe nature exposure is essential in developing healthy children. We aim to create environmentally-aware children and young people through our schooling systems, whilst also providing exciting experiential opportunities in nature for children outside of formal education.

These projects aim to increase international connectivity in order to tackle environmental problems as a global community. Excellent resources and concepts created by BirdLife Malta and our European partners are pooled to create a comprehensive online library of lessons and tools for educators.

  • One World Learning

    One World Learning (OWL), is an Erasmus+ funded project aimed at creating inquisitive, empowered, socially inclusive, and environmentally-responsible individuals and communities across Europe.

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  • Teach, Inspire and Protect

    Teach, Inspire and Protect (TIP), is an Erasmus+ project led by BirdLife Malta aiming to teach and inspire educators to use contemporary teaching approaches to connect children with nature from their first years of kindergarten and school.

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