Falko is a unique opportunity for youth aged from 17 to 25 years old to be part of an active community. Join and create new campaigns, volunteer, organise events and protect Maltese nature and birds! Learn to communicate, take leadership, and improve your social, digital, and management skills!

Members of Falko will get exclusive access to boat trips, socialising events, free merchandise, and many other experiences!

They will also improve their knowledge about bird conservation and be able to directly contribute and improve the lives of these beautiful creatures!

Falko members will make a change for the environment and themselves!  

Take initiative. Falko members will take the lead in organising activities that will help engage the local community with nature. They will have support from BirdLife Malta staff and will get assistance to develop different kinds of skills!

Network. This is the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people, socialise, make new friends and future connections!

Bring original ideas. Falko members are also encouraged to brainstorm and express their ideas, and propose changes with keeping in mind the goal of protecting Maltese birds.

For any questions reach out to us on [email protected].

Members: 17–25 years old

Join Falko youth group

Register to join Falko today!

We have now launched recruitment for BirdLife Malta’s youth group Falko. Youth who register will be invited to a short introductory meeting to find out more details about the objectives and aims of the youth group. After this, the candidates matching the criteria will be selected!

Finally, the onboarding seminar will launch on 13th April 2024 and from then the new Falko members will be ready to form as a team and take matters to protect the environment into their own hands! Not only with words….but with action!

To register click here or scan the QR code. Deadline for registration is the 13th of April, 2024.

This initiative has been created thanks to the It’s Time project that is co-funded by the European Union.

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