Foresta 2000 Sunset Walk (fully-booked)

April 30, 2024 1:56 pm

Date: Saturday, 18 May 2024
Time: 18:4520:45
Location: Foresta 2000 Nature Reserve

Join us on a captivating journey through the pristine wilderness of Foresta 2000 with our guided sunset walk being held on Saturday 18th May from 6:45pm to 8:45pm.

We will meet next to the south entrance of the nature reserve and embark on a walk led by the reserve warden. This immersive experience promises to enlighten and enchant as we delve into the intricate ecosystems of Foresta 2000.

Discover the secrets of diverse habitats, young woodlands, steppe, maquis and garrigue, as we explore the rich tapestry of plant life that thrives within. Delight in the melodies of resident birdsong and some migrants, as we meander along scenic trails, with opportunities to spot elusive species such as the majestic Blue Rock-thrush, Common Swifts and Barn Swallows.

As the golden hour approaches, we’ll ascend to the western cliffs, offering a breathtaking vantage point to witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of the setting sun. Bring some snacks and drinks with you and enjoy the sunset colours!

The walk is quite simple with a maximum elevation of around 100 meters, but we recommend you have comfortable shoes to make it safe and easy. Dogs are allowed on a leash to join the adventure. Please note that the walk is not suitable for pushchairs. 

With limited spaces available, be sure to secure your spot. Click on the booking link below and fill in the short registration form to reserve your place.

For any inquiries or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us [email protected]. Follow the Facebook event for more details.

See you there!