World Wetlands Day celebration at Salina

January 22, 2024 8:47 pm

Date: Sunday, 4 February 2024
Time: 09:00–14:00
Location: Salina Nature Reserve Wetland (meeting point here)

Wetlands play a critical role in supporting a wide range of biodiversity and maintaining many natural cycles. They play an important role in water purification and flood control, provide a habitat for a diversity of plants as well as animal species, and support local livelihoods.

Salina Nature Reserve’s newly-restored wetland area (Photo by Aron Tanti)

World Wetlands Day is observed on 2nd February every year with an aim to raise global awareness about the crucial role of wetlands for people and the planet.

BirdLife Malta is proud to manage three of the largest Maltese wetlands – Għadira, Simar, and Salina – where on Sunday 4th February, we’re hosting an open day at the new wetland area to showcase these precious ecosystems. Experience the magic of wetlands and learn more about these rare and crucial ecosystems! 

This is also our second event in a series of themed monthly events we will be holding at our nature reserves during this new year.  All day you can ask the experienced BirdLife Malta staff as many questions as you want to discover more about wetlands and marshlands!

  • Be part of the official opening of the new wetland area in the beautiful Salina Nature Reserve. Discover the outcomes of our dedicated wetland conservation project – the journey from the very beginning. 
  • Join our bird ringing demonstration: Immerse yourself in the world of birds with expert-guided tours and witness the fascinating process of bird ringing.
  • Participate in kids and family activities: Fun-filled activities for the children and all family members. Take part in interesting games and hands-on experiences to spark curiosity about wetlands and birds.
  • Explore the saltpans, a special type of wetland: Dive into the unique ecosystem of the saltpans and learn about their importance in maintaining ecological balance. Find out more about the different gull species at Salina’s saltpans and challenge your sight in finding the difference!

The event will be on from 09:00 to 14:00 and the meeting point will be the Salina wetland birdwatching hide (next to the Kennedy Grove swings). Participation is free, and no registration is needed. 

So, save the date and join us at Salina’s newly-restored wetland area to find out more about these fragile ecosystems – their importance, inhabitants, formation and more!

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