Walk for Nature 2023

February 8, 2023 6:09 pm

Date: Sunday, 26 March 2023
Time: 08:30-13:00
Location: Picnic area behind Simar Nature Reserve (meeting point)

It’s time for BirdLife Malta’s most popular annual event, Walk for Nature!

Walk for Nature 2023 is being jointly organised by the BirdLife Malta education and events teams, assisted by our Events & Activities Group. During this fundraising event held every year to celebrate spring, school children, their parents and nature enthusiasts gather together and challenge themselves to walk to raise awareness and money for the protection of nature.


The goal is as usual to raise funds towards BirdLife Malta’s conservation efforts. This year we hope to raise enough money to purchase a tracker for a European Turtle-dove (Gamiema).

This year’s Walk for Nature will fundraise for a tracker on a European Turtle-dove (Gamiema)

This will help us track the spring migration of Turtle-doves transiting through Malta in spring as they reach their breeding grounds in Europe. By discovering more about the migratory journeys of these birds, we gather more information about Malta’s importance as a resting spot throughout their journey between sub-saharan Africa and Europe.

Turtle-doves are vulnerable to extinction and hunting is one of the causes of their decline. The Maltese Government still opens hunting seasons in autumn and spring on this bird despite its ‘Vulnerable’ status. Hunting in spring is particularly more damaging as it takes out birds that are returning to nest.

The scientific information from this tracker will help us understand even more the importance of Malta protecting such birds as they migrate and what impact this has on the countries in Europe they come from. The tracker will be fitted on the bird in early May at our Comino Bird Observatory as part of our ringing effort on the island. It costs around €1,200.


The route for 2023 will be approximately 7km long. It will be a circular one, starting and ending near our Simar Nature Reserve in Xemxija. We shall meet at 8:30am at the picnic area just outside our nature reserve, and it will be an easy route which is accessible for all ages, including families with children.

We will leave from our starting point and walk through Pwales Valley, passing from near St Ann Chapel and head to L-Imbordin hamlet. From here, we will follow the pathway which will lead us to Miżieb Woodland Public Reserve, on to Bajda Ridge on the outskirts of Manikata hamlet.

Then we will head to Manikata Aqueduct, passing through agricultural fields, back to a lovely walk amongst the Pine Trees of Miżieb (only recently returned to public access), through paths which take us near the megalithic remains, on to a Heritage Area.

Then we will walk down the old Roman Road, passing near an old Carob Tree and old apiaries, back down to Xemxija Bay and the starting point.

This will be an easy-to-moderate walk, but could sometimes be slippery if wet. Children under 8 years must be accompanied by adults at all times.

The route for Walk for Nature 2023 (Map by Victor Falzon)


Those who raise at least €5 will be given a goody bag lovingly donated by Bank of Valletta. And at the end of the walk, as usual, a prize-giving ceremony will take place, during which the highest three donations will win awards for their amazing sponsorship effort!

This ceremony will take place in the Visitor Centre of Simar Nature Reserve. In addition, this year a special prize will be awarded to the most active participant in social networks.

  1. The winner of the first prize will be given a set of binoculars and a number of nature-based books.
  2. The second prize will be a memory game and a number of nature-based books.
  3. The third prize will consist of a mug and a number of nature-based books.
  4. The special prize for the most active person in social media will be a memory game and books about Maltese birds.

How can you win this special prize? We encourage every participant to post stories and posts on Instagram and Facebook before and during the walk. Follow the steps below, and win the memory game and books about birds!

  • Follow BirdLife Malta on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Share posts and stories by tagging the BirdLife Malta account, use the tag #WalkForNature2023 and invite your subscribers to join Walk for Nature 2023.
  • Post pictures and videos with this link and a call to action to donate by tagging the BirdLife Malta account and using the hashtag #WalkForNature2023. Don’t forget to record their donations on your sponsor sheet!
  • Please, open your accounts to the public and we will see how engaged and active you are!
Walk for Nature is BirdLife Malta’s annual spring fundraising event to raise awareness and money for the protection of nature

We would like to thank Merlin Publishers for sponsoring some of the books which will be given to the winners.


To book, click on the button below to fill in the google form, providing all the details requested.

Please also download this sponsor sheet and remember to bring it along with you on the day together with any money you collect. Give the sponsor sheet to children so they can raise money and have the chance to win a prize. Schools should ensure that children have the school stamp on the sponsor sheet in order to accumulate points for our Dinja Waħda environmental education school programme.

Participation is free for those who raise funds. The event is open to all and we call on BirdLife Malta members and their friends, together with schools, to join in.

If you have any questions emails us on [email protected] or call us on 2134 7645/6 during office hours.

Join us for Walk for Nature 2023 on a lovely day out raising funds for nature conservation!

Have a look at this video summing up last year’s Walk for Nature!
Group photo from a previous edition of our Walk for Nature