The world needs a future that respects nature, not one that kills it

January 30, 2023 11:22 am

In this day and age when the whole world, including Malta and Gozo, are trying to find ways to better protect and conserve nature, promoting the killing of birds is contrary to this effort.

Using schools to greenwash the killing of birds is deplorable

It is indeed a shame and embarrassing that Minister for Education Clifton Grima is allowing the use of our schools with our children, to try and help in greenwashing the reality of hunting in Malta. Hunting is not beneficial to the common good of our country. It is simply performed for the enjoyment and benefit of those that kill the bird. There are no conservation efforts in Malta that need hunting. There is no need for one person to kill a bird in order to plant a tree or build a rubble wall. The act of hunting in Malta is immoral, irrespective whether you do it in the company of a dog, or while building a rubble wall or even planting trees. In a developed European country like ours, there is no need for, or any rational justification for hunting. These are only greenwashing tactics to lessen the image of the real consequence of hunting – birds shot dead.

We fully applaud the sentiments and concerns expressed by Commissioner for Children Antoinette Vassallo on the fact that after all hunting is also done through firearms, and directly or indirectly, this can send the wrong message to children.

The fact that the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) is also against such an exhibition is encouraging as we are asking all educators to refrain from accepting this exhibition in their schools.

We hope that the education administrators within the Ministry and Department of Education understand our arguments along with those of all the people who have spoken out. We urge all educators across the nation to stand up against this exhibition and declare their position. Finally, we urge the hunting lobbies to put their efforts in educating and controlling their members, first and foremost.

Read the Maltese version of the press release here.