Historic win annuls secret Government FKNK concession

November 9, 2022 1:27 pm

Today’s historic judgement penned by Judge Lawrence Mintoff declaring null and void the secret Government concession handing over Miżieb and Aħrax woodlands to the hunting lobby is a historic win for social justice and nature, and sends a clear message to the Government that political will can only be implemented within the legal parameters.

Environmental NGOs win Court case that gives Miżieb and Aħrax back to the public

Miżieb and Aħrax woodlands (Photos by BirdLife Malta)

BirdLife Malta, Din L-Art Ħelwa, Friends of the Earth Malta, Moviment Graffitti, Ramblers’ Association of Malta and Professor Edward Mallia are immensely satisfied that this Court case has been won and that justice in favour of the people of Malta and nature has prevailed.

The land at Miżieb and Aħrax has been given back to the public

Supported by a nationwide outcry against the news of large stretches of land being given secretly to the Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FKNK), this Court decision is indeed historical. Lawyers Dr Claire Bonello, Dr Joseph Ellis and Dr Martin Farrugia were capable to show the Courts of Malta how unfair and illegal this secret agreement was, where the large stretches of land at l-Aħrax and Miżieb were to be enjoyed only by a few hundred hunters during the long months of hunting seasons in Malta, to the detriment of the general public.

Now that the deal has been annulled by the Courts, the five eNGOs demand that the Government accepts this judgement and declares immediately that all this land is a public area all year round. The eNGOs also demand that the Government pays attention to the general demands, from all strata of our society, to protect nature and conserve our open spaces. Now is the time to show true commitment to this value.

BirdLife Malta, Din L-Art Ħelwa, Friends of the Earth Malta, Moviment Graffitti and Ramblers’ Association of Malta, along with various other supporting NGOs will remain committed to fight at all cost against the injustices towards nature and people. “Today we celebrate a big win, but continue working hard for more!”

Read the Maltese version of the press release here.