Close down scam sheep farm in Bidnija

October 28, 2022 11:45 am

BirdLife Malta is urging everyone to object to the premeditated twist in the Bidnija ‘sheep farm’ saga. Unlike all NGOs, the Planning Authority was taken for a ride when the applicants had applied for a massive construction under the Rural Development Policy with the excuse that it was to become a sheep farm. The Planning Authority had given the green light amidst all the red flags brought up by civil society.

The scam ‘sheep farm’ in Bidnija (Photo by Julian Delia)

Just a few months down the line, the truth has emerged and the owners of the monstruous construction in what was a pristine natural area have changed plans and want to transfer this scam ‘sheep farm’ into a residence, along with commercial outlets.

New application proves Planning Authority was taken for a ride

Although not surprised with this, BirdLife Malta joins previous calls from Moviment Graffitti in objecting to this new application. The general public and all other civil society organisations should also submit their objections by either clicking here, or by sending an email to [email protected], until 4th November, quoting the application number PA/5895/22 in the subject line.  

BirdLife Malta is also requesting the demolition of the entire complex, for the site to be returned to its natural state. This will send a clear message that the country does not tolerate manipulation, greed and deceit.

BirdLife Malta would like to add that this application is an insult to the country and a detriment to the common good of Malta and Gozo. It is high time that the Planning Authority and the Ministers concerned admit that the planning policies are allowing for the destruction of our natural footprint with the only intention to have individuals fattening their pockets.

Malta deserves better and BirdLife Malta, along with many other NGOs, will remain committed to fight such abuse, but the responsibility lies mainly with the Government, who needs to revisit the planning policies to eliminate the rampant abuse of present loopholes. The Planning Authority needs to become more environmentally conscious and also courageous enough to stop this abuse.

Read the Maltese version of the press release here.