Hunter filmed instructing child to shoot from FKNK-managed Miżieb

May 3, 2021 12:27 pm

Following the incident reported by the media involving a hunter who was filmed instructing a child to shoot a gun at Miżieb, and the reaction of the Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FKNK) to it, BirdLife Malta is today releasing the footage of this incident which happened at the FKNK-controlled area of Miżieb on the last day of this year’s spring hunting season.

Still image from the video (which can be watched in full below) showing the brother of the Secretary General of hunting organisation FKNK instructing a minor to shoot at Miżieb

The footage clearly shows three things:

  1. The hunter clearly instructing a child to handle a loaded shotgun and instructing him to shoot. This is the same person that was filmed last year doing the same thing with a girl, and has not yet been arraigned for the first incident. The hunter happens to be the brother of the General Secretary of FKNK.

  2. The vulgar and bullying attitude one comes across from hunters is depicted in both the hunter’s obscene gestures towards our team but also the barrage of insults hurled at the team from a number of hunters within the trees in Miżieb – an area which was handed over to be managed by FKNK in a secret deal.

  3. The seriousness of the risk of hunting especially in the presence of children is seen when at one point the gun slips, misfires and could have easily hit the child or the hunter.

BirdLife Malta reiterates that the hunting lobby has truly lost control of its members and that discipline within the hunting community is as fictitious as its zero tolerance policy.

This has happened by FKNK members within FKNK’s managed area, and it is also what goes on in the rest of Malta and Gozo’s countryside which is taken away from the rest of the general public to enjoy during the long hunting seasons. Miżieb truly represents a mecca of illegalities as evidenced once again by the rampant illegalities witnessed this year. A full detailed report of all these will be submitted to the European Commission and shared with the media at a later stage. BirdLife Malta commends the swift action taken by the Police Force’s Environmental Protection Unit (EPU) in this particular incident.

BirdLife Malta releases footage showing FKNK Secretary General’s brother hunting with minor at Miżieb on last day of spring hunting season

BirdLife Malta CEO Mark Sultana stated: “Contrary to what was stated by the hunting lobby, BirdLife Malta always operates within the law and we would like to remind everyone that Miżieb footpaths were promised to be open to the public all year round by Prime Minister Robert Abela, and Ministers Ian Borg and Aaron Farrugia.

We will not be intimidated by threats of legal action against us especially when they are frivolous. In the same way we were not intimidated when we were attacked, had our property damaged and nature reserves vandalized. We will not stop exposing hunting illegalities – this is our duty and our right. We will persevere until things are done right. This can only happen when politicians refrain from taking vote-catching decisions and put the common good at the forefront of their decisions when it comes to hunting. That will hopefully be followed by a more disciplined and respectful hunting community.”

Read the Maltese version of the press release here. Watch the video below. (WARNING: the last 60 seconds of the footage contains foul language which might be offensive).