Dinosaur Day at Simar! (FULLY-BOOKED)

July 3, 2019 2:17 pm

Date:            Saturday, 27 July 2019
Time:           09:30-12:00
Location:    Simar Nature Reserve

Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures. So different from anything that we have on earth at the moment….but are they? Every year we welcome the dinosaur’s ancestors back into our reserves. That’s right! Birds are modern dinosaurs! Come down and explore the connections between birds and dinosaurs through our fun crafts and activities!

During this event, we will celebrate the connection that birds can give us with prehistoric times. We will measure out some of the dinosaurs that walked the earth. And we’ll try and imagine them in our world today. This will be followed by some crafts and activities and finally, we will explore the reserve and our birdwatching hides in search of our summer bird residents.

Craft activities include:

  • Bird or dinosaur skeleton trail
  • Making cardboard dinosaurs to explore the reserve
  • Birdwatching

This is a family event for children aged 4-8. The price of the event will be €3 per child, and this is to be paid upon arrival at the reserve. However, since places are limited, you need to book your child here.

We invite you to join us at our Simar Nature Reserve for a fun-filled morning of activities and crafts! Learn about dinosaurs, learn about birds and enjoy the great outdoors, under the trees of our Xemxija reserve.

So come along for a STOMP and a ROAR and try and find some DINOSAURS!


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