Family Nest Box Workshop (FULLY-BOOKED)

June 4, 2019 3:53 pm

Date:            Saturday, 6 July 2019
Time:           10:00-13:00
Location:    Salina Nature Reserve (Visitors’ Centre)

It’s not so easy to find a nice place where to breed on Malta! A lot of bird species choose our island as their home…a place where they want to live and raise their chicks. Let’s be nice neighbours and help them live more comfortably in our towns and villages! 

Building a nest box is of great help to the birds around the island… apart from being a nice opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your children! It is also an opportunity to teach your kids to care about nature and learn something new about birds. 
In view of this we’re organising a Family Nest Box Workshop, during which we will lead you through the process and provide you with materials. Our birders will tell you more about the breeding process and birds’ behaviour. We will also have some time for birdwatching, minibeast hunting and games! At the end of the event you will have your own nest box to install it and to care for it…and above all, for its occupant!   

Now is the perfect time to build a nest box, but since we’re already in the breeding season you’ll be using it next spring!

Participation fee & booking: 
Booking will be open until Friday 28th June on a first-come first-served basis and it is limited to 10 families. Parents are welcome to bring more than one child and build their nest box together. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 
We will provide all the materials and tools needed to build a nest box…we just need you to bring along your own hammer! 
Participation fee is: 
– €5 for members 
– €7 for non-members

Before booking/paying please check the information below and choose which nest box you want to build.

Spotted Flycatchers prefer to breed in wooded parks and large gardens with mature trees, especially Italian Cypress and Aleppo Pine. The nest box should be placed in wooded parks and gardens, attached to mature trees with a clear outlook and ideally hidden in vegetation. The recommended height for the nest box would be 2-5m above ground so it is protected against wind.

Tree Sparrows often breed in rural areas, preferably in isolated old buildings, bastions, and quarries. The nest box should be placed in rural areas, attached to trees. The preferable height for the nest box is 2-5m above ground, so it is always protected against predominant wind. The Tree Sparrow is a very shy species, so the nest box should be installed in a quiet place. 

Barn Swallows often breed in abandoned buildings in rural areas. The nest box can be placed under eaves on the porch or garage or any high location protected from sun, rain and wind. Place away from active doorways or busy places and out of reach of cats. Nest boxes should also have a source of mud nearby and approximately 10cm from the roof. Because of the small size of this nest box you will be provided with material to build two nest boxes.

Think about a place where you can install your nest box! And then choose which one of the above is the most suitable for your options 🙂


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