Pirate Day

July 12, 2018 11:30 am

Date:            Sunday 26 August and Sunday 2 September 2018

Time:           16:00 – 18:30

Location:    Simar Nature Reserve

The pirates have taken over Simar Nature Reserve!

Climb aboard for a fun-packed family day of outdoor adventures in nature…

You need to:

  1. Look like a pirate: fearsome face paint and pirate crafts
  2. Talk like a pirate: join the crew with a game of ‘captain says’
  3. Act like a pirate: X marks the spot – search for buried treasure
  4. Save the seas! Pirates aren’t all bad – compete with rival crews in a swashbuckling clean-up


Open to 20 pirates aged 4-10 that should be accompanied by their crews.

FREE event.

Booking (required)

Interested participants are to book immediately by emailing [email protected] providing the following information for all the participants they have booked:

  • Full Name (Child/Children)
  • Age (Child/Children)
  • Full Name (Parent/Guardian)
  • Contact number
  • Membership Number (if applicable)

There are two Pirate Days planned:

  • Sunday 26 August – FULLY-BOOKED
  • Sunday 2 September – FULLY-BOOKED

Disclaimer: Media from this event will be used for promotional use so be aware when booking your child. We will require you to complete a photographic consent form.