Back to the status quo on environment

December 18, 2017 4:54 pm

Today both major political parties took the country back to the situation of status quo we had before 2004. This Government speaks a lot about law and order but to the contrary it employs an iron fist with the silent and the less powerful whilst permitting a free-for-all situation with those who resort to loud and angry tactics.

In his speech in Parliament today Minister Herrera showed he does not understand the true meaning of a national park and a Natura 2000 site. While striking a balance is commendable, in a site such as Majjistral Park we need nature to be safeguarded and not biodiversity being destructed.

We regret to note that Minister Herrera did not have the courage to state his own opinion but only repeated the decision taken by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

It is also disappointing that members of Parliament from the Nationalist Opposition benches who agreed with BirdLife Malta’s position and that of other eNGOs in this particular case did not have the courage to voice their opinions in front of PN leader Adrian Delia.

It is a pity that today once again the two major political parties showed that they do not have the courage to put the national interest before that of their party with regards to enviromental issues!

Read the Maltese version of the press release here.