Unacceptable behaviour by the Parliamentary Secretary for Animal Rights

February 4, 2017 4:14 pm

It is unacceptable for the Hon. Roderick Galdes in his role as Parliamentary Secretary for Animal Rights to opt to be part of the launch of an event promoting trapping of birds which will be held tomorrow. Bird trapping activities have no link whatsoever with animal rights. This event goes against the values of love for nature, preservation and conservation, and to have the person representing animal rights in Malta’s Government launching this event, simply shows where his priorities are.

FB post on the Facebook page of the Hon. Roderick Galdes promoting tomorrow’s bird trapping event at Buskett

The Hon. Galdes was already criticised in January 2016 for organising an activity with taxidermists promoting the killing and stuffing of birds. On that occasion he stood alongside two people found guilty of the illegal possession of protected birds including birds of prey.

Now, once again during the launch for tomorrow’s event (as can be seen from the attached DOI official photographs), the Hon. Galdes stood side by side with a person found guilty of being in possession of 20 carcasses of protected birds, mainly birds of prey. Rather than distancing himself from those who do not respect our environment and conservation laws, the Hon. Galdes opts to organise events with them. This dents the credibility of the Hon. Galdes when stating that he is fighting illegalities in relation to nature laws.

While tomorrow’s event at Buskett could also be considered as illegal since it will be organised in a nature reserve which is a Natura 2000 site, thus prohibiting people to be in possession of birds, BirdLife Malta is requesting clarification from the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) on its position on this event.

BirdLife Malta also calls on the Prime Minister to stand by his words following the referendum, that he will lead a more environmentally conscious government.

Read the Maltese version of the press release here.