After CABS evidence of illegal hunting, Government cannot turn a blind eye anymore

September 15, 2016 1:13 pm

Illegal bird trophies at Ħal Far 14.09.2016 (Photo by CABS)

Following the clear evidence filmed and just released by CABS of illegal shooting of protected birds such as birds of prey and herons just a few days after the killing of the two Black Storks, BirdLife Malta once again asks the Government to act fast before more birds are killed.

The tally of illegally shot birds has now risen to over fifteen in the span of five days. This clearly shows that fines and enforcement are not enough to protect these birds.


Cage trap at Tal-Virtù 14.09.2016 (Photo by CABS)

BirdLife Malta reminds the Government that hunters find it easier to kill protected birds during an open season and that by closing it he will help enforcement efforts to be more effective. We will keep on demanding a closure of the season till the 15th of October when the birds of prey migration slows down in order to make it more difficult for illegal hunting to take place.

Read the Maltese version of the press release here and the press release issued by the Committee Against Bird Slaughter today with the new evidence here.

(All photos reproduced here, including the main picture which shows the shooting down of a Honey Buzzard at Tal-Virtù yesterday, are CABS photos)