BirdLife Malta reacts to decision to allow hunting and trapping in Nwadar

March 15, 2016 9:50 am

Birdlife Malta, while welcoming the idea of setting up the Nwadar Nature Park, notes that hunting and trapping, as well as all other human activity, will be allowed within its boundaries.

As in the case of the Majjistral Nature Park set up by the previous administration, hunting and trapping has been also tolerated simply because the authorities lack the moral resolve to comprehend the negative impact of hunting and trapping on the natural environment.

Nature Parks should be living museums where the public can experience and enjoy nature. Allowing hunting and trapping in these areas contradicts drastically with the concept of a nature park. Hunting and trapping take away nature, and never supplement it. During the hunting seasons very few people will be able to enjoy the park and will be barred from walking freely because of hunting and trapping.

BirdLife Malta is disappointed at the fact that the same mistake made with the Majjistral Nature Park in the past is being repeated now. Many visitors in the Majjistral Nature Park complain about the fact that hunting and trapping are rampant, while hunters and trappers object to having visitors walking about. Nwadar can never be a nature park if hunting and trapping is allowed. Birdlife Malta urges the Prime Minister to take the bold step of banning hunting and trapping, so that Ndawar would truely be a Nature Park.