BirdLife Malta: There are no benefits from hunting, contrary to court’s claim

February 3, 2016 12:00 pm

While Birdlife Malta respects the judgement given on Monday 1st February in a defamation case the organisation had filed against FKNK back in 2009, it wishes to comment on the verdict where the magistrate claimed that “in the booklet there was no reference to legal hunting and its benefit”, referring to BirdLife Malta’s educational booklet encouraging environment protection.

BirdLife Malta reiterates that there are no known benefits to hunting in a modern society and that hunting as practised in Malta today decimates biodiversity and is simply carried out for the pleasure to kill.  Birdlife Malta therefore finds this comment to be incredible.

Birdlife Malta continues insisting that there are several alternatives to hunting wild birds and hunting remains an egoistic act for the sole enjoyment of the hunter who is privileged to carry a shotgun.  The fact that it is tolerated does not mean that it is beneficial.