BirdLife Malta condemns Galdes’ position promoting taxidermy

January 24, 2016 12:00 pm

Birdlife Malta strongly believes that Parliament Secretary Roderick Galdes’ position is becoming untenable after collaborating in the organisation of an event promoting the killing and stuffing of birds and animals. It is deplorable that the person given the remit to safeguard animal rights has gone so far as to promote taxidermy, an act considered despicable throughout the world.

BirdLife Malta has lost all faith and trust in the Parliament Secretariat following its collaboration with two people found guilty of possession of protected birds, including birds of prey. These two people along with Hon Galdes are trying to promote that killing a bird or an animal to stuff it should be praised, celebrated and even further awarded. It is disgusting that even animals protected by international law were exhibited including rhinoceros and elephant tusks. This event was morally and ethically wrong and having our country’s government representative for animal rights organise, endorse and participate in this deplorable event is shameful.

While this event could also be declared as illegal since it was organised in a Nature Reserve which prohibits people to be in possession of birds, it surely goes against the values of love for nature, preservation or conservation.

On the same day that BirdLife Malta organised a family event at Foresta 2000 encouraging kids to plant trees and observe the beauty of nature alive, Hon Glades was standing next to those who promote enjoying dead animals.

BirdLife Malta calls on the Prime Minister to stand by his words following the referendum, that he will lead a more environmental conscious government.