Klabb Ħuttaf Explore Foresta

December 16, 2014 6:07 pm

This month Klabb Ħuttaf members and their families enjoyed a day out exploring Foresta 2000. Managing Warden Ray Vella led the walk together with Klabb Ħuttaf leaders who organised activities for the young members and helped them to learn about the different plants and birds that could be seen along the way.

Foresta 2000 is on the south-facing slope of Marfa Ridge, overlooking Għadira nature reserve north of Mellieħa Bay. Outside of Buskett it is very rare to be able to enjoy a walk in the woods in Malta, and Foresta 2000 aims to provide a setting for a woodland experience.

In previous visits to this site Klabb Ħuttaf members were involved in assisting with the planting of saplings, of which several thousand are now growing. Although still a young woodland, through careful management the trees are developing well and already provide food and shelter for many forms of life.

Outdoor experiences in nature are really important for child development allowing them to better understand the world around them and to develop important life skills. One of the activities organised for the group involved them collecting nature items to create some Christmas themed art. This was a great activity to encourage team work and creativity.

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Words and Photos by Hannah Chisholm, BirdLife Malta Education Manager