Raptor Camp 2014: The Bishop with the binoculars

September 25, 2014 12:40 am
Today Malta’s Auxillary Bishop, Charles Scicluna joined us at the site of last weeks attack on local birdwatchers.

A newbie to the world of birding, the Bishop soon had a pair of binoculars in his hand and was quickly pointing out soaring Hobbies and Honey Buzzards overhead. 

The reason for the bishops visit to Buskett with a Raptor Camp team was to give his opinion on illegal hunting, and he sure didn’t hold back. He voiced his opinion on illegal hunting, encouraged us all to show support for the authorities and most of all condemned the act of violence on fellow Maltese people.

With a great turnout from press, and volunteers keen to see the bishop’s first taste birding, the watchpoint which has been scarcely attended over the past few days was again a hive of activity.
Bishop Scicluna was enthuastic, eager to learn and most of all keen people to get outside and enjoying the countryside.

With a couple more weeks of closed season to enjoy, what are we waiting for?!



BirdLife Malta has been given the opportunity to set up a rehabilitation centre here in Malta. The government have offered a restored farmhouse in Buskett Gardens, a protected area of woodland in the south of Malta. One of the greenest areas on the islands, the gardens provide a quiet and peaceful setting for the birds to recover in. 
The Maltese government will be covering the costs of running the centre, which will include the water and electricity to supply the farmhouse. But BirdLife Malta will have to cover all other costs. This includes funding equipment, food and medicine to treat the birds. 

Contributions to this campaign will ensure we can get this centre up and running before the next migration season. 

Please go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/back-to-the-sky/x/6316451 to view the campaign and make a donation. If you can’t donate, please share the link with family and friends.