BirdLife Malta at The Great Spring Show

May 20, 2014 12:29 pm

Over the weekend, BirdLife Maltastaff and volunteers were out in force at the Great Spring Show in San Anton gardens, trying to raise awareness for our work. 
Our talented Administrator/in-house horticultural expert, Andrew, did a fantastic job creating our floral display.  And we heard a few squeals of delight from people passing by upon realising it was an owl!

The displays around the gardens were fantastic, with a marvellous array of colours from the flowers, and wonderful smells from all the herbs and vegetables. 
On Saturday we were lucky to have our stand situated by the main entrance which meant we were right next to the police jazz band.  They kept us upbeat and enthusiastic with a great rendition of Proud Mary!

It was fantastic to talk to both locals and tourists who seemed to have a good awareness of the issues relating to illegal hunting, and we received many thanks and words of encouragement to keep up the work we do.  It was lovely to receive such positive feedback. 

Overall, we managed to raise a bit of money for BirdLife and a we had some new members join us as well – so a big welcome to them! And we were able to enjoy a lovely couple of days outside in a fantastic location, surrounded be people with a love for plants and nature.  

Our Administration Assistant, Tomas, even tried to recruit our first goat member!

Thanks go to all that helped out over the weekend, everyone did an amazing job.  If you would like to become a volunteer at future events with BirdLife Malta, send an email to [email protected]

Photos by Tomas Loyante Barea, Ella Beeson and Holly Forsyth. To see more of the photos from show, check out our facebook page.