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Here at BirdLife Malta we pride ourselves on being an international team working towards conserving Europe’s migratory birds in Malta. If you’re passionate about the environment and conservation, and would like to join our expanding team, then check out our current vacancies below.

Job Title: Project Manager
Team: Conservation – LIFE Arċipelagu Garnija project
Location of Job: Salina Nature Reserve
Post holder reports to: Conservation Manager
Reporting to Post Holder: Project Wardens and Financial Administrator

Overall Purpose of the Job:

  • To ensure the effective and efficient completion and management of the EU LIFE funded project: LIFE Arċipelagu Garnija
  • To deliver the project results in accordance with the funding application specifications and the contractual obligations, within normal BirdLife Malta organisational policies and practices.
  • To manage the staff and volunteers involved in project delivery

Main Duties:

Project management

  1. Deliver the project on time and on budget in line with the contractual terms or any agreed variation with the EU LIFE Project Unit
  2. Maintain clear oversight of the project, ensuring all elements are managed effectively and delivered efficiently using appropriate resources
  3. Plan and progressing the project tasks using suitable project management and monitoring techniques as necessary and appropriate
  4. Use budget and resources effectively and efficiently to deliver the project either directly or through partners
  5. Manage project staff and volunteers to ensure they are effective and motivated
  6. Ensure adequate resources and information is available to staff and volunteers to be effective, including equipment, working instructions and procedural documentation
  7. Establish and maintain the administration systems necessary for running the LIFE project, particularly the accounting and reporting systems and the preparation and monitoring of budgets

Partner and funder relations

  1. Inform and advise the project Steering Group on project progress and service the Steering Group meetings
  2. Prepare reports for the project Steering Group and Partner Managers
  3. Prepare reports for the European Commission, liaising with partners as appropriate
  4. Ensure good communication within and between the different partner organisations

Technical Knowledge

  1. Have thorough understanding of the Yelkouan Shearwater’s biology, seabird ecology and conservation issues
  2. Knowledge of monitoring and conservation techniques required for the delivery of the project (e.g. rat control)

Public Affairs/Community Liaison

  1. Complete all dissemination tasks specified within the application document
  2. Promote awareness of the aims, activities and results of the LIFE project to key audiences
  3. Ensure that project staff, project partners and all other interested parties are kept informed of project progress
  4. Prepare and circulate an annual project newsletter
  5. Act as media spokesperson of the project as appropriate
  6. Work to develop the long term relationships and successful partnership working with all partner organisations and other bodies in Malta and the EU
  7. Respond to queries about the LIFE project from media and general public
  8. Give talks and presentations on the aims, activities and results of the LIFE project as required

Other Relevant Factors

  1. Frequently works anti-social hours including weekends and public holidays
  2. Occasionally work in remote places (sea caves, sea-cliffs, offshore islets)
  3. Occasionally required to use private vehicle
  4. Required to maintain confidential information

We expect you to carry out your job responsibilities in an environmentally aware manner, ensuring as little damage to the environment as possible. Our aim is to ensure all resources are utilised effectively and efficiently.  You will be expected to apply ‘sound value for money’ principles in undertaking purchasing or supply of goods and services.

At BirdLife Malta, volunteers are a major resource and make a vital contribution to the organisation’s aim to take action for the conservation of wild birds and the environment.  You will be expected to encourage, develop and support volunteer involvement in our work.

To apply:

Applications consisting of a cover letter and a CV may be sent to BirdLife Malta by email to

Deadline for applications is Wednesday 27th June 2018 at 10am.

For further information visit

LIFE Arċipelagu Garnija (LIFE14 NAT/MT/000991) is 60% funded by the EU LIFE unit and co-financed by the Ministry for Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change. The project started in September 2015 and has a duration of 5 years.