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  • ON THE FRONTLINES | February 2024 Newsletter

    On the frontlines is our monthly newsletter section covering the activities of BirdLife Malta’s conservation, policy and nature reserve (Salina, Simar, Għadira and Foresta 2000) teams, together with an update about rare and scarce bird species observed. End of the hunting season The autumn hunting season is now closed. The five-month long season ran between…
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  • Wetland conservation in Malta…why it is important

    A wetland stands as the guardian of biodiversity stability. Its unique features, coupled with the threats they face, underscore the urgency of conserving these vital landscapes for future generations. What is a wetland? A wetland is an area of land that is either covered or saturated by water for some or all of the year….
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  • Environmental crime cases in court shelved due to removal of presiding magistrate

    In two separate letters sent over the past weeks (3rd & 17th November) to Chief Justice Dr Mark Chetcuti, BirdLife Malta has requested the immediate attention of the Chief Justice on the urgent need for the replacement of the magistrate handling environmental crime cases. Environmental crime cases in court have been shelved indefinitely, now for…
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  • 77 schools awarded for connecting children with nature

    A total of 77 schools across Malta and Gozo celebrated their outstanding achievements in connecting children with nature through BirdLife Malta’s Dinja Waħda environmental education programme which is spread across all year groups from Kinder to Secondary students. BirdLife Malta’s Dinja Waħda 2023 Awards Ceremony held at Xara Lodge The Dinja Waħda 2023 Awards Ceremony,…
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