Nature Watch

Nature Watch enables children to directly experience local plants and animals and how they interact with each other in their natural habitat. To book your school’s visit to one of our nature reserves follow this link.

The field teacher will lead your group but teachers are expected to accompany the students at all times and ensure appropriate behaviour. The class teacher organising the visit  is also responsible for the health and safety of the group and BirdLife Malta should be informed in advance if there are any special needs, allergies, disabilities etc. that need to be catered for. We recommend Simar Nature Reserve for groups that require disabled access.

To download The Wader Game for students to learn more about the importance of nature reserves as a resting and feeding stations for migratory birds click the link below. Don’t forget that playing the game awards your school an additional 20 Dinja Waħda points.

The Wader Game

The County CodeRespecting nature wherever you go

  • Keep as quiet as you can – You see and hear more wildlife that way.
  • Don’t disturb animals – Remember wild animals are shy of people.
  • Don’t pick wild flowers – Leave them for others (including insects!) to enjoy.
  • Take pictures of nature – But don’t disturb wildlife to do so.
  • Keep to the paths – The less we trample on nature the better.
  • Don’t climb or destroy rubble walls – Many creatures live there.
  • Take your litter home – Litter makes a place dirty. It can hurt animals too.