Future Environmental Leaders

We recognise the critical role young people will play in conservation and environmental protection over the next few decades. When young people come together and fight for a cause they believe in, they are unstoppable!

Therefore, ensuring that they have a thorough understanding and appreciation of the natural world is an important part of the BirdLife Malta’s conservation agenda.

Join our leadership programmes which aim to help young people aged between 11 and 18 years old to connect with the natural world, develop the skills necessary to protect it and learn how to become environmental leaders within their communities.

If you organise a youth group in Malta, these programmes provide an excellent opportunity to get young people outside and enjoying the natural word!

Click on the tabs below for more information and to download a brochure for each of our Future Environmental Leaders programmes.

Environmental Explorer

Do you want to explore the natural world and develop the scientific and analytical skills necessary to become a young scientist? If so, then this programme discovering Malta’s unique wildlife is perfect for you!

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Environmental Champion

If you’d like to protect Malta’s wildlife and create beautiful habitats for animals, then this programme will help you to develop the skills necessary! Download our brochure for more information here.

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