Naturali is BirdLife Malta’s own radio programme, which is broadcasted weekly on Radju Marija every Friday at 1.30pm. The 30 minute programme has been on air since September 2014 and its main aim is to bring nature closer to its listeners. It is repeated on Wednesdays at 2.30am.

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You can also choose to listen to any episode of your choice from the list which can be found further down in this page. Here we are providing a selection of episodes with subject titles.

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About the programme

Naturali is BirdLife Malta’s own radio programme, which broadcasts weekly on Radju Marija every Friday at 1.30pm.

It aims at bringing nature closer to its listeners by educating and informing them about different aspects of nature and conservation in Malta and abroad, and to create awareness on key environmental issues.

Each 30 minute programme includes an interview with experts and activists in the field of wildlife and conservation. Subjects dealt with include flora and fauna, environmental education, positive action, research, publications and wildlife tourism. Programmes also include informative features and news from around the world.

Naturali first went on air in September 2014 and has continued uninterrupted ever since. Until 2017 it was hosted by Rosalba Ebejer Catania and produced by Jason Aloisio who now produces and also presents the programme.

The new 2019 winter schedule features interviews with BirdLife Malta members John J. Borg and Guido Bonett amongst others, in which they discuss their field trips to Antartica, Ecuador and the Galapagos.

About the producer

Jason Aloisio developed a keen interest in nature from an early age. He joined BirdLife Malta as a junior member, served and chaired various committees and presently works as a field-teacher with the same organisation.

He gained his first experience in the presentation and production of radio programmes with Għajnsielem’s community radio (to which he still contributes) and soon after started collaborating with Radju Marija to produce and co-present the 13-part series Il-Mediterran (2012) and later on Passiġġati (2013) and Naturali (2014 to date). He also wrote hundreds of short features entitled Tieqa fuq in-Natura which were also broadcasted by a Maltese community radio in Australia.

He recently also produced a new radio series involving secondary school students and based on the magazine Il-Ħuttafa, published by Klabb Ħuttaf. This was aired on RTK.

The Little Egret

Charles Coleiro, warden at Is-Simar Nature Reserve, comments on the life history of the Little Egret and other herons which visit the reserve.


An indigenous garden

Field-teacher Desiree Falzon describes the setting-up of an indigenous garden in a secondary school, and its conservation and educational value.

The Strawberry Tree

Foresta 2000’s ranger Ray Vella gives information about the Strawberry Tree and its reintroduction in our islands.





The work of a nature reserve warden

David Attard, warden at Għadira Nature Reserve, speaks about his everyday work at the nature reserve.

Bats (Part I)

Field-teacher Victor Falzon discusses the life-history of bats and demonstrates the use of a bat detector.

Bats (Part II)

Field-teacher Victor Falzon continues to discuss the life-history of bats and to demonstrate the use of a bat detector.

The Little Ringed Plover

David Attard, warden at Għadira Nature Reserve, explains the life history of the Little Ringed Plover, a regular breeder at the reserve.

Shallow waters

Field-teacher Victor Falzon describes the natural life in the shallow waters around our shores.

Freshwater pond at Is-Simar

Charles Coleiro, warden at Is-Simar Nature Reserve, explains how he created a large freshwater pond at the reserve and how wildlife benefits from this addition.

Schools outreach

Janet Watt, Education Officer with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), gives an insight on the educational programmes used to increase interest in wildlife in urnban schools.

The Tree Sparrow

Ornithologist Joe Sultana is interviewed about one of Malta’s little-known breeding birds: the Tree Sparrow.

Fieldwork at Buskett

Field-teacher Desiree Falzon explains how fieldwork is carried out at Il-Buskett, and how students benefit from this experience.

History of Ornithology in Malta

Joe Sultana, co-author of History of Ornithology in Malta, gives a resume of this publication.

Gozo’s largest freshwater pond

Ornithologist Joe Sultana gives information about the natural life found in Gozo’s largest freshwater pond and the perils threatening this site.

Foresta 2000

Ranger Ray Vella explains how the idea for planting this woodland originated and how the plans were turned into action.

The Yelkouan Shearwater (I)

Nicholas Barbara, Conservation Manager with BirdLife Malta, speaks about the Yelkouan’s Shearwater and the LIFE+ Malta Seabird Project which aimed at increasing the breeding population at L-Irdum tal-Madonna.

The Yelkouan Shearwater (II)

Part 2 of the interview with Nicholas Barbara about the Yelkouan Shearwater and the LIFE+ project dedicated to this seabird.

Messina Camp

Ray Vella shares his experiences from the Messina Camp, which helped to eradicate the illegal killing of migrating birds of prey.

The Breeding Birds of Malta

Ornithologist Joe Sultana gives a resume of his book about Malta’s breeding birds.


Entomologist Godwin Degabriele gives an overview of the secret lives of insects.

The decline of 3 breeding birds of Malta

Ornithologist Joe Sultana explains what led to the decline of 3 ground breeding birds in our islands.

Malta’s butterflies

Entomologist Godwin Degabriele is interviewed about Malta’s butterflies and the possible reasons leading to the decline of many species.

The European Storm-petrel

Nicholas Barbara, Conservation Manager with BirdLife Malta, speaks about the life history of the Storm-petrel, which breeds mostly on the islet of Filfla.

The Dragonfly

Entomologist Godwin Degabriele speaks about the life of the Dragonfly.

The Holm Oak

Ray Vella, ranger at Foresta 2000, is interviewed about the Holm Oak, one of the indigenous trees found in our islands.

The Moorhen

Is-Simar Nature Reserve is home to a small breeding population of Moorhens. In this programme, Charles Coleiro is interviewed about this shy bird.


Neville Ebejer, an officer with PARKS, is interviewed about the history and ecology of Buskett woodland.


Ornithologist Joe Sultana explains the importance of the islet of Filfla for wildlife.

The Black-winged Stilt

Għadira Nature Reserve’s warden David Attard is interviewed about the Black-winged Stilt, which regularly breeds in this nature reserve.

The Algerian Whip Snake

Arnold Sciberras gives information about the Algerian Whip Snake, which is only found around Valletta and Marsamxett.

Protecting Malta’s shearwaters

Nicholas Barbara, Conservation Officer with BirdLife Malta, is interviewed about a LIFE+ project aimed at protecting Malta’s shearwater species.

A tour around Simar

Charles Coleiro, warden at Is-Simar Nature Reserve, takes the listeners for a tour around the reserve.

Attractions at Simar

Mark Gauci, BirdLife Malta’s Nature Reserves manager, explains the attractions visitors find when visiting Simar.

The Aleppo Pine

Ray Vella, ranger at Foresta 2000, gives information about one of Malta’s most common trees: the Aleppo Pine.

Malta’s flora

Botanist Stephen Mifsud gives an overview of Malta’s flora.

The fauna of Simar

Is-Simar Nature Reserve’s warden Charles Coleiro is interviewed about the varied fauna which thrives inside the reserve.

Birds’ nests

Ornithologist Joe Sultana describes the different nest birds build and explains their function during the breeding season.


Entomologist Godwin Degabriele sheds some light on the life of grasshoppers.

Wied il-Lunzjata (I)

The first of two programmes dedicated to Wied il-Lunzjata, in which Kevin Sciberras also explains the role of the Education, Science and Culture Centre situated in the picturesque valley in Gozo.

Wied il-Lunzjata (II)

The second of two programmes about Wied il-Lunzjata in Gozo.

The Reed Warbler

Charles Coleiro, warden at Is-Simar Nature Reserve, discusses the life and breeding biology of the Reed Warbler.