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  • The Amazon: land of water, trees and life

    Guiana is derived from an Amerindian language and means “land of many waters”. It was formerly known from west to east as Spanish Guiana (now Guayana a region in Venezuela), British Guiana (Guyana), Dutch Guiana (Suriname), Portuguese Guiana (Amapá now a disputed piece of land between French Guiana and Brazil) and French Guiana. The latter is an overseas department of France where the inhabitants are…
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  • The open day at Is-Salina Nature Reserve: A day to remember

    We had all been planning and looking forward to the open day at Is-Salina Nature Reserve for a long time; preparing lists of what we would require and holding meetings with the different departments in our organisation to make sure the day would be a success. As the day approached, we began to set up…
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