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  • When the wagtails come home to roost!

    On the 6th January BirdLife Malta undertook its annual White Wagtail count in the historic setting of Valletta, Malta’s capital and European Capital of Culture for 2018. Each year, this small winter migrant arrives in Malta between the months of October and April and shelters from the cold chill in the Ficus trees that embellish…
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  • A swift rehabilitation!

    Raising a baby bird is not an easy task; they needs lots of attention and patience. Even for a tiny bird like the swift a lot of work goes into turning a fluffy nestling into a healthy adult! Unlike other baby birds such as sparrows, young swifts won’t be cared for by their parents when…
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  • This year’s unsupervised finch trapping season: a catch and trade business

    Evidence collected by BirdLife Malta indicates that enforcement has been slow and at times absent in the last trapping season, giving trappers a field day over the last two and a half months with police inefficiency and their lack of response being the order of the day. Between October and December 2017, the Maltese Government…
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  • Back to the status quo on environment

    Today both major political parties took the country back to the situation of status quo we had before 2004. This Government speaks a lot about law and order but to the contrary it employs an iron fist with the silent and the less powerful whilst permitting a free-for-all situation with those who resort to loud…
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