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  • spine-boletes-29-11-2016-foresta-2000

    Doses of nature

    Teacher! Look at this!” “Miss! What’s this?!” “WOOOW! I never saw that!” Their bright, excited eyes, million questions and  flushed faces never fail to infect me with an excitement of my own. Mine is an urge to show them everything I know. Theirs is a rush to find out all the secrets they somehow missed…
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  • Żabbar A Primary School

    Building teacher confidence in outdoor learning: a short study about the Nature Days Activity Guide for Early Years

    Using the outdoors to teach young children across the curriculum is ideal: they like to draw, to count and to explore colours and shapes. Therefore it is easy to engage them to be active, to use their senses and to learn through direct experiences. At the same time, outdoor learning helps children to develop their…
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  • facebook_autumntree_textcentered

    D-Day for Europe’s nature laws

    Fitness Check of the Birds and Habitats Directives What Today, Wednesday 7th December, the College of Commissioners will decide the fate of the EU’s flagship nature laws, the Birds and Habitats Directives. Their decision, to revise or uphold these laws, will be based on the findings of the Fitness Check [] of these Directives. Context:…
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  • shot-booted-eagle-2-photo-by-nick-piludu

    Another Booted Eagle shot down over Girgenti

    Precisely one month to the day from the exceptional eagle migration that ended up with at least ten out of an estimated 60 Short-toed and Booted Eagles being killed at the beginning of November, another of these rare eagles was shot down over Girgenti yesterday. The protected Booted Eagle (Ajkla tal-Kalzetti) is a very rare…
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