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  • packed-lunches

    Packed Lunches: A ‘Litterless’ approach to the new school year

    With the new school year fast approaching we want to raise awareness of the issue of litter produced by packed lunches. As an island nation, Malta is particularly vulnerable to the negative impact of litter. In an article recently published it states that the average school child generates approximately 67 pounds (30 kilograms) of waste from…
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  • 5-ben-metzger-and-nick-piludu-preparing-to-ring-carmel-photo-by-hsbc-malta

    Two Shearwaters’ journey back to freedom

    Throughout spring and summer we often receive phone calls from people who are concerned about baby birds they find. It’s mostly sparrow fledglings, for which the answer is always the same: leave them where they are, baby sparrows are better off in nature, with their parents, not with people. Occasionally we get something else, like…
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  • cabs

    Three protected birds shot in one day

    BirdLife Malta was in the last hours called again to assist in the retrieval of more protected birds which were shot during the autumn hunting season. In Gozo, BirdLife Malta was called to try to collect a shot Grey Heron (Russett Griż) with a broken wing. It was seen landing on a cliff ledge in…
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  • 1-injured-grey-heron

    Yet another protected bird shot…what is the Government waiting for?

    BirdLife Malta was today called upon to rescue another illegally shot protected bird, this time round a Grey Heron (Russett Griż). The bird was found bleeding and unable to fly in a farmhouse in Żejtun after having been shot in the proximity. It was retrieved by BirdLife Malta staff and Raptor Camp volunteers who are…
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