Dinja Waħda

Dinja Waħda is BirdLife Malta’s education for sustainability programme. Spanning across formal education, from kinder through primary and secondary school and up to higher education institutions, Dinja Waħda connects classroom learning with outdoor education through nature.

Over 80% of primary state, church and independent schools take part in Dinja Waħda and a growing number of secondary schools are carrying out Dinja Waħda cross-curricular projects.


The mission of Dinja Waħda is to connect children with nature and trigger behavioural changes that will lead to future adults who will treat our planet better than we do today.


To enhance existing and proposed education facilities through landscaping that will improve biodiversity, provide schools with opportunities to engage in experiential outdoor education and allow students to develop a lifelong regard for nature.

Ġonna Dinja Waħda are green spaces in school grounds that offer excellent opportunities for children to connect with nature. They:

  • Improve biodiversity within schools through the planting and maintenance of native species and the installation of suitable habitats such as ponds, stone piles and insect homes.
  • Provide opportunities for hands-on experiences that lead to developing active citizens who will protect environmental integrity.
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of outdoor education in improving student motivation, academic achievement and individual-level outcomes such as creativity, problem-solving, social skills and self-discipline.
  • Create a framework within which students can construct their own learning.
  • Promote health benefits of green spaces in school grounds.
  • Showcase the value of green spaces as an integral part of school grounds.