Pin Badges

Choose your pin badges from a variety of animals. Bats, insects and of course birds! By purchasing a pin badge you not only help us to achieve our mission of conserving wild birds, their habitat and biodiversity but you also have a unique way to show off your love for wildlife! You can pin them anywhere…on a jacket, on a t-shirt, a cap or a backpack!

Product specifications

  • Description: Pin Badge
  • Material: Metal with enamel and acrylic coating and butterfly clutch attachment
  • Size: Varies between the different designs but approximately 25mm (between 20mm-25mm)
  • Price: €2.50 (old designs), €3.00 (new designs)
  • Shipping charge: €1.50 per item (get in touch with us on if you want to order more than 1 item)
  • Please note: Not suitable for children under 5 years

Pin Badges 1-10
Backing Card

Pin Badges 11-20
Backing Card

Pin Badges 21-30
Backing Card

Pin Badges 31-35
Backing Card

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