Work & Mission

BirdLife Malta is a non-governmental organisation working to conserve birds and their habitats in the Maltese Islands. The mission of BirdLife Malta is to conserve wild birds, their habitats and biodiversity, working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources. For more than 50 years, BirdLife Malta has been an advocate for the protection of Maltese wildlife. We engage Maltese people in their natural environment, and ensure a natural legacy is left for the next generation.

Established in 1962, BirdLife Malta is the oldest environmental NGO in Malta. As a partner organisation of BirdLife International, we form part of a network of 120 NGOs worldwide, and with the aim of creating a united voice, we speak out for local and international wildlife. Our primary objective of conserving birds and habitats is achieved through our work in a variety of fields including research, education and campaigning.


We Protect
Through our community engagement projects and our nature reserves we create homes for nature and safe places for both migratory and resident birds. We monitor spring and autumn migration with the aims of deterring, detecting and reporting the illegal persecution of protected birds.



We Campaign
We have been campaigning for better wildlife protection in Malta since 1962. Our previous campaign work has resulted in the end of robin trapping and the creation of new nature reserves. We take a stand to protect Malta’s wildlife from damaging developments and we fight for stronger legislation to protect Europe’s birds.



We Research
BirdLife Malta have been studying the avian species of Malta since the 1950’s. Currently our main research project focuses on the breeding seabirds of Malta. Through our scientific work monitoring populations and creating protected areas we are ensuring we take the right action to save Mediterranean bird populations.



We Educate
Our ongoing education programme currently reaches 80% of local primary schools whilst our outreach events aim to get families interacting with the natural world around them. We’re working on setting up community engagement projects and our secondary education programme is under development.



We Care
We currently provide an injured bird service, responding to reports from the general public of birds injured through hunting or exhausted on migration. We’re also working on setting up a rehabilitation centre for injured birds, where we can provide the treatment and care needed to get these birds back to our skies.